Dog 2013 Gallery Calendar

Dog 2013 Gallery Calendar
Dog 2013 Gallery Calendar
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Author:Workman Publishing

Publication Date: 15.08.2012

Weight: 0kgs

Type: Calendars, blank books, and other book-like sideline items

Subject: Calendars & Diaries

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A glimpse of pink tongue. The gentle arc of a tail. Expressive, soulful eyes, a downy triangle of ear, head tipped just so. In every image, the dog's playful and tender spirit is revealed. With hundreds of lively canine pals beautifully photographed in full color and black and white--a sweet Golden carrying a slipper, a tiny Doxy on a giant chessboard, a dignified Briard sporting a snow-dusted beard, plus a lovable diversity of mutts--Dog is a charming portrait of man's best friend and an endearing and elegant gift.

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